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All treatments are infused with Intuitive Healing. Treatments include Reiki, Sound healing, Womb healing, Thai Foot Massage, Massage and Reflexology, Equine and animal healing and communication. Usual minimum time is 1 hour per session, depending on treatment. Initial treatment is 1.5 hours as this will include a consultation.


Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch to discuss a treatment or available packages, please feel free to use the contact details below. 

All the Complementary treatments I practice are not a substitute for medical treatment. I do not diagnose.  You are always advised to seek medical advise from a doctor if feeling unwell. 

Hazeology is intuitive healing for both humans and animals, where every treatment is tailored to your needs.  Hazel is based in Westfield Hastings and is a qualified and accredited practitioner in the following areas.


Reiki Master / Teacher

Shamanic Practitioner 

Womb Keeper

Body Massage Therapist


Intuitive Healer 

Thai Foot Massage Practitioner

Animal Healer 

Equine Reiki Healer

Animal Communicator

I can select or combine which of these practices I believe will be most beneficial to the client’s treatment.  My practice is infused with this intuitive healing, designed to improve my clients’ wellbeing, both mentally and physically.  It is this multi-faceted approach that forms the foundations for my own unique style of healing: Hazeology. 

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