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Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy

Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy: Image

What is Equine Enhanced Performance Therapy?

This is a Therapy designed by Hazel for your horse and the team around your horse.

EEPT involves you and your horse, this is a therapy that I have put together where we bring in the elements of Mindfulness, Intuitive Healing, Shamanic Journey, Equine Reiki and Touch Therapy.

Over the years through my practice, I began including the guardian of the horse in the sessions, this was because I felt, this is what the horse wanted. What evolved from these sessions, was an improvement in horse behavior but equally their guardian found a way to really calm their mind, finding a new way to approach their horse mindfully. Deepening their connection, and enhancing the performance of what they planned for the day, be that riding or competition work.

This has enhanced the healing for the horse, I have had the honor to witness many beautiful moments between the communication of the horse to their guardian. This infusion of practices really is paramount for deep healing to take place.  

Which is why I came up with the name Equine Enhanced Performance therapy, as this is aimed at working with both of you, enhancing your performance in any areas of your life, bringing you more tranquility, before working with your horse. The calmer and clearer your mind is the more your horse will respond to you, and you may notice it will create an even deeper bond.   

EEPT is taking a fully holistic approach to you and your horse, working together to find a more balanced approach to your relationship and enhancing your performance together. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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