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Healing Energy for Humans & Animals

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Hazel Llewellin

Complementary Therapist, Healing Humans and Their Animal Friends

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Hazel is a Reiki Master Teacher and Complementary Therapist. She combines a range of therapies to suit the needs of both animals and people; treatment is tailored to your needs.

Hazeology Healing sessions are now available online.


— Eleanor Maybury

"Hazel came out to seven acre horse sanctuary where I am the yard manager and treated four of our residents in. All four were relaxed and calm under her hands. They were so chilled out. Can't thank you enough"

—Tabitha Jones, 

Seven Acre Horse Sanctuary 


"Words alone cannot describe the depths and impact of this ceremony.
Hazel is an amazing and very gifted healer. She created space that held so much warmth, love and support allowing us to be vulnerable.
I have had many spontaneous breakthroughs from this session and more breakthroughs are still unfolding. Have had deep release from childhood trauma and ancestral release that was profound and impactful to those around me too.
Hazel is amazingly intune and has a huge capacity to hold space for women in a profound way.

There is soo much more but don’t want to write a thesis! I would highly recommend her services! This is my second session, first one was virtual.
Thank you Hazel for the gift you bring to humanity"

— Harriet Khataba

"I've seen Hazel at work with some of the most deeply traumatised horses and ponies imaginable. What Hazel does is nothing short of magic. Abused, traumatised animals were just transformed by her Reiki treatment in front of my eyes. If I hadn't seen it I would never have believed such profound change would be possible"

— Janey Goddard, 

President of the Complimentary Medical Association 

“Hazel has been treating my 10 rescue dogs and 2 cats for some months now.  It is remarkable how much they enjoy the sessions with her and the difference it has made to their well-being and how they interact with each other.  I also have healing from Hazel which I feel benefits the bond between myself and my animals and gives me a greater understanding of their needs. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel to anyone considering Reiki treatment for their animals.  She has a great empathy with those she cares for and that is a very special gift.   ”

— Eleanor Maybury


"Hazel is extremely intuitive and connected and can really connect to the message of your body and can relay this is in a positive and meaningful way .

She connects to exactly what you need at exactly the right time .

I always feel a million times better physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally that is difficult to put into words the profound depth of this work.

Always so many wonderful synchronicities happen within her treatments that just really resonate and carry meaning and make me believe even more that we are always being divinely guided."

— Corrinne Jenner


"Getting to know and working with Hazel has been such a gift. She has such beautiful, supportive, and loving healing energy.

What I experienced was truly remarkable, although I am very familiar with energy healing, I was overwhelmed with a remembrance of how deep and old our souls are and that our wombs (whether you have one or not) carry the vibratory patterns of experiences that we have carried with us throughout all of our incarnations.

Hazel leads you through a ceremony of appreciation, gratitude and love for your own sacredness that to me was so powerful and re-ignited in me the remembrance of the importance of taking time each day to celebrate our life, celebrate our selves as co-creators here to birth creations that are part of a greater divine plan. It reminded me to slow down and give thanks more often to the beauty that surrounds me each and every moment! It is through these celebrations of life that we can access the divine love flowing in everything that surrounds us!

I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!"

— Kim Peterson

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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