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Reiki for all animals: Welcome
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Animal Healing

Animals are sentient beings. They have no predispositions like us very complex humans, So you can see how they process the energy healing immediately.  The healing benefits them in many different ways:

  • Speeds up recovery time following surgery, illness, or injury 

  • Balances physical, emotional, and energy levels

  • Stress, tension, and anxiety relief including separation anxiety 

  • Reduces pain levels 

  • Helpful with behavioral or emotional problems following trauma, abuse, or neglect

  • Support’s end of life care for pets and their owners easing the transition

  • Improves overall wellbeing 

All sessions include the guardian of the animal, as this enhances the healing experience for you and your animal, deepening the healing session.

Hazeology Animal Healing sessions are available in person and online via zoom. 

 I like to describe this as the thread of connection between you and your animal, there is always a link between the two of you. As animals are great teachers and healers, they tend to absorb our energy and sometimes take on a bit too much.  This can result in their behavior changing slightly or them just carrying heavy energy.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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